5 Common Objections to 3D Printing in Additive Manufacturing

Posted by Re3DTech Team on 1/26/21 12:30 PM


Using 3D printing technology in additive manufacturing can save time and money, yet many businesses are still stuck in the status quo of traditional manufacturing.

Although 3D printing has come a long way in the last 40 years, not everybody has caught on to the incredible evolution in technology and capabilities.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most common objections to using 3D printing in additive manufacturing, and our responses as a 3D printing services provider.

If you’ve been wanting to try 3D printing but have been met with resistance from inside your company, take the opportunity to share this information with your manager or your team:

Objection 1: “The parts are weak and only good for prototyping.”

This is one of the most common myths about 3D printing. It’s also untrue. At Re3DTech, our HP MJF technology uses a unique thermal process that creates a fully dense and completely isotropic part. Not only are these parts great for prototyping, but they also have full functionality for production.

Objection 2: “Injection molding is our only option for production.”

While injection molding is the traditional method for manufacturing at scale, 3D printing is now a viable solution in many cases.

The main benefit of injection molding is that it creates completely isotropic parts. But so does HP MJF technology. And the problem with injection molding is that the upfront cost of tooling is high. You need large-volume production runs to see the benefit of significantly reduced cost per part.

With 3D printing, on the other hand, the cost remains steady. And MJF additive manufacturing has a lower price on average than conventional additive manufacturing.


At a certain point, injection molding costs less than even MJF additive manufacturing (although that may change in the not too distant future). But you can expect to pay up to $100,000 for injection tool molding before you make a single part. In many cases, additive manufacturing is the best solution.

Objection 3: “We tried 3D printing in the past, and it didn’t work.”

This argument is a bit like running Windows 95 on a PC today—and saying that computers are too slow to ever be mainstream.

Advancements in hardware, software, and materials have created an ever-expanding range of applications for 3D printing.

When you work with Re3DTech, we’ll connect you with the right 3D printing applications to achieve your goals. We use 3D printing technologies from both HP and Markforged, two industry-leading experts in their respective areas of polymers and composites/metals.

Objection 4: “The part quality isn’t good enough for end use consumers.”

Our customers would disagree! The team at CentralSound worked with Re3DTech to make parts for their headphone repair and replacement shop:

"We decided to look into options for getting parts made in the USA for the retail market...CentralSound is proud to scratch the surface with Made in the USA parts in the retail market now, thanks to Re3DTech.”

And with HP MJF technology, we’re able to print in durable materials that have strength along the X, Y, and Z axis. Even our prototypes are built to last.

Objection 5: “I can’t print in the same materials as injection molding.”

As new materials have come to market, we’ve continued to expand our capabilities to deliver the most effective material choices to our customers.

Whether it’s a simple PA12 Nylon, carbon fiber composite, or metal like aluminum or copper, we have a wide variety of materials available for applications like aerospace 3D printing, industrial 3d printing, and more.We were also the first company in the United States to offer 3D printing services for Lubrizol TPU, a popular material in injection molding, for HP MJF 3D printers.

Next time you hear one of these objections about 3D printing, you’ll know exactly how to combat it. Convinced your manager to try 3D printing in additive manufacturing?

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