DyeMansion appoints Matsuura Machinery as UK reseller

Posted by Jim Teuber on 12/18/18 1:52 PM
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German post-processing company DyeMansion has added Matsuura Machinery Ltd. to its reseller network. The announcement makes Matsuura the first authorized reseller of both HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers and DyeMansion finishing systems in the UK.

Based in Coalville, England, Matsuura Machinery is a distribution service that offers a range of manufacturing platforms, including CNC milling, CNC turning and additive manufacturing. In the latter category, the company distributes two LUMEX systems and HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 4200 system. Now, through the collaboration with DyeMansion, Matsuura will also supply the company’s three-stage Print-to-Product workflow, which consists of the DyeMansion Powershot C, Powershot S and DM60.

Roger Howkins, Managing Director at Matsuura Machinery Ltd. commented on the distribution agreement, saying: “Our association with DyeMansion completes our technical offer to the UK market in 3D printing—any shape, any size and now any colour, making us the one stop applications and products specialist for companies investing in UK plastics additive manufacturing.”


UK customers—especially those based in Leicestershire—will now be able to consult Matsuura Machinery for their 3D printing consulting, testing and benchmarking needs. The company’s showroom now boasts HP’s 4200 3D printer and processing station along with DyeMansion’s automated post-processing solution.

DyeMansion’s three-stage solution begins with a part cleaning solution that takes just 10 minutes to complete. The technology used for the cleaning stage ensures that printed part’s are not damaged and prepares the part for the next finishing steps.

Following the cleaning stage, the printed part is subjected to a surfacing treatment using the PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) technology. This step results in a part with a homogenous surface quality that is scratch-resistant and long-lasting.

DyeMansion Matsuura

The last step—and DyeMansion’s real claim to fame—is the colouring stage, during which printed parts can be coloured from a range of 170 RAL hues. This process, as DyeMansion emphasizes, is completely automated, safe and repeatable.

“We are glad to announce our partnership with Matsuura and welcome the team,” said Greg Gracki, Sales Partner Manager at DyeMansion. “Supplying them not only with our technology, but also with the appropriate training and consulting knowledge, we are sure that the partnership will be beneficial for all three sides, Matsuura, DyeMansion and above all, for the existing and future customers.”


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