First Service Provider in the USA with the new MarkForged Metal X

Posted by Jim Teuber on 5/3/18 9:19 AM
Jim Teuber
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Do you want to see the Markforged Metal X in action?!
Yesterday we spent some time at the Re3dTech facility in Illinois. They recently just had their Metal X installed a couple weeks ago and were kind enough to let us come in and film the machine.

If you have an interest in the Markforged Metal X feel free to contact Humston Machinery, your Indiana Value Added Reseller.

Interested in parts from MarkForged Metal X?
If you're in the market to have some parts made, contact us.  Re3dTech is the first service provider in the USA with this groundbreaking system. Give us a call at 847-752-8774.




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