HP boosts 3D printing usage with 10m parts made in the last year

Posted by Jim Teuber on 4/2/19 11:46 AM
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More than 10 million parts have been produced using Multi Jet Fusion technology, HP’s additive manufacturing solution, in the last year.

Now at one of the world’s largest 3D printing user events – the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) conference – HP will showcase new customers, applications, and technology as it continues encouraging industry towards 3D production.

The company’s advanced portfolio of 3D printing technology continues to expand and is helping customers accelerate their digital manufacturing journeys.

“We are seeing an explosion of new applications across industries taking advantage of the design freedom, superior economics, speed, and industrial-grade quality unlocked by HP and its partners,” said Christoph Schell, president of 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing at HP. “As we continue to expand our plastics and metals portfolio across both prototyping and production, and build out our community of global partners, we are helping customers save money, accelerate time to market, and improve sustainability as they progress on their digital manufacturing journey.”

HP is working closely with partners and customers around the world to transform the way they design, develop, produce, and distribute parts.

Fast Radius is the leading provider of comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions – from application discovery, to product design and testing, to industrial-grade production and global fulfilment. The company was recently named one of the 16 most innovative factories in the world by the World Economic Forum. Fast Radius houses the most advanced 3D printing technologies in this factory, including HP Multi Jet Fusion. They use HP Multi Jet Fusion technology to deliver innovative new 3D printed applications and final parts to a wide-array of customers including:

HP itself is one of the largest designers, manufacturers, and distributers of products in the world. HP’s award-winning Reinventing HP With Multi Jet Fusion program is leveraging its own 3D printing technology to lower costs, speed time to market, increase customer satisfaction, and improve sustainability.

Fast Radius is using HP Jet Fusion 3D printers to produce final parts for HP’s Print, Personal Systems, and 3D Printing products.

“The benefits of the HP Multi Jet Fusion-enabled production service offered by Fast Radius provides customers with enormous application design, production, and supply chain benefits,” said Lou Rassey, CEO, Fast Radius. “From reduced warehousing and obsolescence, and a lower carbon footprint, our collaboration with HP is truly bringing out the real value of additive manufacturing for businesses around the world.”

HP works closely with automotive industry leaders who are adopting 3D printing technology, such as BMW and Volkswagen.

New HP Jet Fusion 500/300 Series 3D Printers for Functional Prototyping Now Shipping in Volume

HP recently expanded its 3D printing portfolio with the new Jet Fusion 500/300 Series 3D printers, a lower-cost solution that complements HP’s industrial-grade systems, enabling customers to go from prototyping to production on the same underlying technology.  oday HP announced that the new Jet Fusion 500/300 series is shipping in volume and includes new customers such as:

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) is North America’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer. DTNA is demonstrating the power of digital manufacturing using HP’s Jet Fusion 500/300 platform to accelerate its prototyping to production timeline.

Unlimited Tomorrow is using HP Jet Fusion 580 printers to provide amputees with custom-made 3D-printed prosthetics. By liberating its manufacturing process from the constraints of traditional production methods, Unlimited Tomorrow is creating the most advanced artificial limbs that are accessible and affordable for remote and underprivileged communities.

Clemson University is reinventing how it prototypes and produces functional parts using the HP Jet Fusion 500/300 series to advance innovation for departments such as the Clemson College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences.

HP Metal Jet Production Service

HP’s industry leading portfolio helping customers on their journey to digital manufacturing includes HP Metal Jet, one of the most advanced 3D printing technologies for the high volume manufacturing of production-grade metal parts. According to HP it provides up to 50 times more productivity at a significantly lower cost than other 3D printing methods.

Today HP announced that the HP Metal Jet Production Service2 for the 3D printing of industrial-grade metal parts is now widely available.  Customers can now upload 3D design files and receive functional metal parts in large quantities.  The parts are produced by HP partners GKN Powder Metallurgy and Parmatech to ensure the highest standards of engineering and production quality.


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