Markforged launches H13 tool steel build material

Posted by Jim Teuber on 12/16/18 3:24 PM
Jim Teuber
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Company’s Metal X printer can now output high-strength, high-temp parts for tooling applications.

December 16, 2018
by DE Staff

Interior of a hardened nozzle printed out of H13 on the Metal X, showcasing printed threads.

Boston-area 3D printer company, Markforged, announced the launch of H13 tool steel for the company’s desktop-sized Metal X printer. According to the company, the new build material will allow customers to print parts for high-strength, high-temperature applications such as metal forming tools, dies and punches, and hardened inserts for fixtures, and even injection molds with conformal cooling channels.

“We designed the Metal X system to change the way things are made, and the launch of H13 is the next step down that path,” said Jon Reilly, Markforged VP of product. “For manufacturers of high-volume plastic parts this is a game changer, significantly accelerating the speed at which they can bring new products to market.”

H13 is a hot-work tool steel, meaning it retains high strength at elevated temperatures, and is known for exhibiting hardness, resistance to thermal fatigue, ductility and abrasion resistance. Because H13 can now be 3D printed, manufacturing professionals can begin to print parts with unique and complex geometries.

Beyond H13 tool steel, the company says several future materials are planned for the Metal X, including A2 and D2 tool steel, stainless steel 316L, Inconel and Titanium.



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