Re3DTech Partners with Markforged to Offer Onyx ESD for the Electronics Manufacturing Industry

Posted by Re3DTech Team on 2/11/21 1:49 PM


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Onyx ESD is a new, high-strength 3D printing material that improves business responsiveness for electronics manufacturers by producing high-quality, electrostatic discharge (ESD) rated parts on demand.

The material was recently released in December 2020, and Re3DTech’s continuing partnership with Markforged keeps us on the cutting edge of 3D printing for additive manufacturing. This new material not only meets the specific requirements for electronics manufacturers, it also produces high-strength parts using Markforged’s patented composite technology.

Importance of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Materials

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) materials prevent a charge from being carried through a part or component. This property is crucial in electronics manufacturing to meet safety requirements and avoid damaging critical components during production.

ESD materials are critically important for the consumer electronics, automotive, and aerospace industries.

ESD in 3D Printing

Before Markforged developed Onyx ESD, the options for ESD-safe 3D printing materials were limited.

Previously available materials on the 3D printing market had inconsistent ESD and mechanical properties. Commonly used ABS plastic resulted in poor dimensional accuracy, inconsistent surface finish, or thermal warping which limited the possible applications. Because of these limitations, electronics manufacturers have been rightfully wary of adopting 3D printing technology—until now.

Markforged (and Re3DTech) Lead the Way in ESD

To date, Onyx ESD is the most advanced polymer Markforged has ever created. Onyx ESD is precision-engineered to possess an extremely tight range of surface resistance while offering the same quality and performance as the original Onyx material it’s based on.

Outside of Markforged, Re3DTech is the first 3D printing services company to have Onyx ESD available. In fact, we’ve already run parts with this innovative new material in-house on our Markforged X7 3D printer. (Onyx ESD is compatible with the X7, X5 and X3, depending on the application.)

At Re3DTech, we continually invest in the latest printing technologies and materials to be on the cutting edge of industrial 3D printing and 3D printing rapid prototyping services. Our partnership with Markforged is just part of our commitment to offer a wide array of 3D printing solutions to the customers we serve.

Reach out to us to learn more about 3D printing for electronics manufacturing Markforged Onyx ESD. Contact us today and get a quote within 24 hours.




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