What is the Best 3D Printer for Large Scale Printing?

Posted by Conner Lohens on 12/11/19 10:30 AM
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Additive Manufacturing, AM, is one of the fastest growing industries in the US today. AM, commonly known as 3D printing, has proven to have matured beyond prototyping and is capable of full-scale production. For example, in 2018 the HP MJF printers alone produced more than 10 million parts worldwide – and that is expected to double in 2019! 3D printing technologies are advancing rapidly and are becoming more widely adopted by manufacturers.

AM includes many benefits such as faster production, shorter time to market, more design freedom, and less waste generation. Good production candidates are parts with a high level of complexity, difficult to machine, and customization are areas where 3D printing adds significant value and sets itself apart from traditional production methods such as injection molding.  

Additive Manufacturing for Large Scale Production

3D printers have demonstrated they are able to manufacture low, medium, and large-scale production volumes. However, despite the momentum some manufacturers remain hesitant to opt for AM for large scale production. Historically, some of the challenges for additive have been the cost of the equipment and scalability limitations. Fortunately, Re3dTech, an AM service provider, has a line of 3D printers that address these challenges, enabling their customers to achieve large scale production - today!

So you may be asking – what is the best 3D printer for large scale printing? Re3dTech offers parts from a variety of 3D printing technologies, and we will highlight the two best 3D printers for large scale printing: HP Jet Fusion 5200 and its predecessor the HP Jet Fusion 4200

  • HP Jet Fusion 5200: this series of 3D printers built upon the lessons learned from the 4200 series. HP introduced the Jet Fusion 5200, designed for large-scale manufacturing, in May of 2019. Re3dTech was the first company in the United States to purchase this breakthrough technology, knowing that it would have an immediate impact for high volume manufacturing. Below are more details on the 5200 series.hp5200
    • For the right part, preferably something small that packs efficiently into the build chamber, this platform is cost-competitive with injection molding for quantities ranging from 100,000 or more per year.
    • This series has built-in redundancies, better sensors, wider material compatibility, and machine learning algorithms for preventive maintenance and process optimization.
    • This printer provides quality—from fine detail and sharp edges to textures—and optimal yield at industrial-level OEE. Also, it produces functional parts with best-in-class isotropy.
    • Expand into new applications and markets with a growing portfolio of HP 3D materials that enable you to produce a variety of low-cost, quality parts—and address sustainability objectives with industry-leading reusability
    • Unleash new growth applications, and scale production with HP’s most advanced plastics 3D printing solution.  
    • Material options include Nylon PA 12 and Nylon PA 12 Glassbead (40%)
    • 5200 series has a build envelope of 380mm x 284mm x 380mm
    • Layer Resolution of 80µ
  • Jet Fusion 4200: the 4200 series was HP’s first entry point into the additive manufacturing market. This system is revolutionary in the fact that it is the first system geared for true production. It is ideal for all manufacturing stages, from functional prototyping to production making it the first scalable printing technology for additive manufacturing. Below are more details on the 4200 series.
    4220 hp
    • Optimize cost and part quality, with cost efficient materials that offer industry-leading reusability
    • Maximize production with continuous printing and fast cooling technology.
    • These printers offer breakthrough speed thanks to HP’s proprietary printing technologies with 30 million drops per second across each inch of the working area
    • The 4200 series provide a competitively-priced 3D printing solution
    • 4200 series has a build envelope of 380mm x 284mm x 380mm
    • Material options include Nylon PA 12 and Nylon PA 12 Glassbead (40%)
    • Layer Resolution of 80µ

About Re3dTech

At Re3dTech, we believe that 3D printing will repatriate and revitalize our manufacturing industry – and is the future of American manufacturing! RE3DTECH provides 3D printing and contract manufacturing services with a commitment to quality, speed, and customer service. We supply thousands of parts to customers every week in industries including Healthcare, Automotive, and Aerospace. It is our mission to provide a custom solution to our customer's needs.

Leveraging our production additive manufacturing technologies, we have the in-house expertise and capabilities to help lead your company down the path of additive. Take advantage of the advances in 3D printing to improve your manufacturing - contact us today to see how we can help!

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