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It’s no secret that we love Markforged 3D printing technology. Our Markforged 3D printers deliver unparalleled versatility, rigidity, and durability, producing composite parts that are just as strong as metal.

We offer comprehensive post-processing services to give our 3D printed parts an aesthetically pleasing, finished look. But our customers are often wary of using Markforged composite materials like Onyx because of how notoriously difficult it has been to achieve a perfect surface finish...until now!

Thanks to AMT’s innovative PostPro 3D technology, we can post-process parts made from Onyx and other composite materials like never before, promising customers customer-quality parts comparable to those produced by injection molding.

What Is Onyx?

Onyx is the flagship composite base material available via Markforged’s world-class 3D printing technology, It’s a versatile micro carbon fiber filled nylon known for its strength, toughness, and chemical resistance.

We offer three Onyx options at Re3DTech:

  • Onyx: Filled with 20% chopped carbon fiber, this PA6 is great for high impact, high temp, and high strength applications
  • Onyx FR: This flame retardant (UL94 V-0) rated version of Onyx is an ideal choice for aerospace applications
  • Onyx ESD: A new electrostatic discharge material for electronics manufacturing that meets even the most stringent ESD-safe requirements

While Onyx is remarkably smooth on its own, further improving the surface finish for aesthetic or functional purposes has proven to be challenging.

Post-Processing Onyx Parts with AMT PostPro 3D

Up until recently, there have been only two ways to achieve a smoother surface finish for Onyx parts—neither of which is an ideal solution:

  • Glass bead blasting, sanding, and other abrasive mechanical post-processes are messy and labor-intensive
  • Harsh solvents like vaporized nitric acid or acetic acid commonly used during chemical post-processing are impractical and can damage parts

Needless to say, our team was thrilled to learn about PostPro 3D, AMT’s innovative post-processing technique for smoothing parts made from Onyx and other composite materials.

PostPro3D’s patented physicochemical Boundary Layer Automated Smoothing Technology (BLAST) improves the surface finish of Onyx parts while crucially preserving their mechanical properties. It eliminates layer lines, which allows us to run parts faster by printing them at 200 microns and still achieving a great surface finish.

PostPro3D has been effectively used for customer-quality parts in footwear, medical, aerospace, and automotive applications.

Check out these sample images (including the one at the top) courtesy of Markforged:


The next time you need a 3D printed part with an impeccable surface finish, Re3DTech can make it happen using Markforged composite materials like Onyx combined with AMT’s PostPro 3D post-processing technology. Request a quote today!




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