3D Printing Material Spotlight: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 11/22/21 2:09 PM

As we continue to expand our capabilities to deliver the most effective 3D printing material choices to our customers, we thought it would be fun to start a new series on this blog spotlighting our materials. 

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Top 3D Printing Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 11/16/21 2:52 PM

One of the major advantages of industrial 3D printing is the design freedom that it allows. Traditional manufacturing restrictions can hinder creativity and innovation. But additive manufacturing gives engineers the opportunity to create complex features that are difficult or even impossible to machine. 

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5 Companies Paving the Way for Additive Manufacturing

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 11/8/21 11:29 AM

Additive manufacturing is such an emerging market that there’s still a lot of speculation about what it will take for this technology to move beyond traditional prototype applications to an established mainstream production manufacturing solution.  

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Overview of SLA & DLP Industrial 3D Printing Technology and Materials

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 10/25/21 8:03 AM

As a leader in the additive manufacturing space, RE3DTECH is always looking to add new industrial 3D printing equipment to our growing list of technologies

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Leveraging Generative Design to Produce an Ideal 3D Printed Part

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 10/14/21 11:52 AM

Design forAdditive Manufacturing (DFAM) has many advantages over designing for CNC machining, including opportunities for complex geometries, cost-effective iteration, weight reduction, and more. 

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How Additive Manufacturing Is Changing Mass Customization

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 10/6/21 11:36 AM

Traditional manufacturing methods like CNC machining and injection molding have long been considered the go-to solutions for mass production. And while these methods are useful for manufacturing large quantities of identical parts, the conventional wisdom doesn’t hold up when mass customization comes into play.

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When Do I Need 3D Color Printed Parts?

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 9/20/21 9:42 AM

At RE3DTECH, we approach 3D printing a little differently than other 3D printing service bureaus. We’re intent on helping our customers leverage industrial 3D printing for production volumes, so naturally we view the potential for 3D color printing from the lens of production. 

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Talking Quality Expectations with Your 3D Printing Partner

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 9/8/21 8:50 AM

Before getting a part 3D printed, it’s important to have a conversation with your additive manufacturing partner about quality expectations. 

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Is Metal Binder Jetting the Right 3D Metal Printing Technology for Your Part?

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 9/1/21 1:03 PM

A number of innovative technologies are paving the way for 3D metal printing, but none are expected to evolve quite as rapidly in the next few years as binder jetting. 

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3D Printing Makes Prototype Injection Molding Quick, Cheap, and Easy

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 8/19/21 12:33 PM

When we talk about specializing in prototypes here at RE3DTECH, we’re mostly referring to our ability to 3D print a functioning sample version of a final product. 

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