Consolidate Assemblies and Shorten Supply Chains with 3D Printing

Posted by RE3DTECH Team on 12/13/21 8:37 AM

It’s no secret that industrial 3D printing provides manufacturers with unparalleled design freedom compared to CNC machining. But in mainstream discussions about the advantages of 3D printing services, there’s one major benefit that tends to get overlooked: 

With 3D printing, it’s possible to consolidate assemblies into just one part. 

Imagine how much time, money, and effort you could save by eliminating assembly operations entirely from your project. 

Challenges of Manufacturing Multi-Component Assemblies 

Think of all the steps it takes to manufacture an assembly. First you have to get the individual components made. Then you have to source and insert the fasteners, which may require the expertise of a hydraulic equipment operator or another specialized professional. Finally, the components are ready to be physically assembled together. If you’re doing the assembly in-house, this last step in particular requires extra time that you simply don’t have. 

Consolidate assemblies

This traditional manufacturing approach introduces tremendous risk and complexity to a project. Each part of the process likely requires a different vendor, which leaves you stuck playing project manager, chasing after multiple suppliers to make sure you get what you need when you need it. 

Managing all the moving parts of a supply chain is challenging enough during normal times, but post-pandemic supply chain chaos has added yet another layer of difficulty to this task. 

Leveraging Industrial 3D Printing to Consolidate Assemblies and Shorten Supply Chains

Right now, manufacturers all over the country are looking for opportunities to minimize their dependence on global supply chains—and industrial 3D printing may be just the solution they need. The problem is that many of these manufacturers don’t even realize that it’s an option for their assemblies.

As part of RE3DTECH’s ongoing efforts to educate manufacturers on the possibilities of 3D printing services, we’re committed to helping customers evolve their mindsets about manufacturing. For assemblies in particular, that process involves reevaluating an entire assembly—as a whole—rather than continuing to view each piece individually. 

Because with industrial 3D printing, you no longer need to view each piece individually. This innovative technology opens the door to so many new opportunities, such as printing fully functional assemblies that come off the print bed ready to go. 

With 3D printing services, we can print multiple moving components within the same part, thereby consolidating numerous unique components into just one. That means no need for assembly, no need for lengthy supply chains, and no need for holding high inventory volumes of each component. 

Next Steps for Manufacturers 

If you think industrial 3D printing could be a better fit than your current manufacturing process, you’ll probably need to optimize your design to achieve the highest quality and the best cost. 

The experts at RE3DTECH are here and ready to discuss your assembly and provide you with expert recommendations for redesigning your components and leveraging the true power of additive manufacturing. 

Book a time to speak with our team about transitioning to 3D printing services to consolidate assemblies and shorten supply chains.


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