What Sets Markforged Metal Printing Apart from DMLS?

Posted by Re3DTech Team on 4/1/21 10:56 AM


In the world of 3D metal printing, not all technologies are created equal.

While DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) is the most mature printing technology, the lesser known Markforged ADAM (Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing) is a better alternative for certain types of metal parts.

What makes Markforged ADAM so special? And how does it differ from a more traditional DMLS approach? Learn why we prefer to use this technology whenever possible.

What Is DMLS Printing Technology?

Also known as DMLM (Direct Metal Laser Melting) or PBML (Powder Bed Metal Laser Fusing), DMLS uses high-powered lasers to form powdered metal parts.

DMLS is a laser welding process, so manufacturers must be careful to avoid common issues that can occur during the welding process, such as internal stresses and thermal distortion.

DMLS is ideal for 3D printing metal parts that have been designed specifically for this process.

What Is Markforged ADAM Printing Technology?

While significantly newer than DMLS, Markforged ADAM technology draws inspiration from the trusted metal manufacturing process known as MIM (Metal Injection Molding).

ADAM’s extrusion-based technology—similar to FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication)—consists of melting and extruding filament from a heated nozzle to the desired 3D geometry.

The absence of high-powered lasers and powdered metal makes ADAM a much safer, more reliable, and more cost effective printing method than DMLS. But the benefits of this metal printing technology extend far beyond safety.

Benefits of Markforged ADAM Metal Printing

Markforged ADAM printing technology has many advantages over DMLS, including:

  • Lightweight parts. If you need a lightweight metal part, Markforged ADAM is one of the only viable solutions. The extrusion-based 3D printing process allows us to develop internal patterns on a part so that it’s not fully solid. The result is a part that’s just as strong as solid metal, but significantly lighter. (Need a solid part for your application? Markforged ADAM can print fully dense parts as well.)
  • Short lead times. Swapping materials out between jobs is easy with Markforged ADAM because there’s no powder to clean from the machine. Eliminating this tedious process helps us cut lead times. We can run a copper part one day and an A2 Tool Steel part the next day no problem.
  • Low cost per part. The cost of the Markforged ADAM system is much more effective than DMLS. Provided the geometry is a good fit for the technology, you’ll save money on cost per part.
  • Wide material selection. Using Markforged ADAM technology gives us access to 3D printing materials that aren’t available on DLMS platforms, such as H13 Tool Steel and Copper.

    With all these advantages, you can understand why Markforged ADAM is Re3DTech’s preferred 3D metal printing technology. But at the end of the day, we always choose our technology based on part requirements. Recently, we used ADAM and DMLS metal printing for the same project to get our customer the best parts for the lowest price.


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